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It is my ultimate goal to provide clients with a quality home inspection. I follow the standards of set forth by the state of Illinois. I am certified, licensed and fully insured.  Also an affiliated member of PAAR (Peoria Area Association of Realtors). whether it is your first home purchase or you have purchased a home prior. It is a sound decision to have Home Inspection. The report will cover all aspects of the inspection and will be available within twenty four hours of the inspection, this is required to produce a full digital photo report with with indicators and comments. The following information outlines the different systems inspected on a typical inspection.

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Walkways, driveways, deck and porches, siding, trim, widows, roof, gutters and downspouts, grading.


Exterior and interior inspection of foundation, basement or crawl space.


Condition o​f roof, flashings, vents, attic.


Wall, windows, doors, floors.


Switches, outlets, lighting, incoming service, breaker panel, (power is verified at all outlets and lighting fixtures. 


Drain and waste piping, faucets, under cabinets, water lines, gas lines, water heater, laundry areas.

Heating and Air Conditioning systems

Furnace, ducts (exposed),  registers

verified operation conditions weather permitting (Below 65 df can not operate AC system.) Notate age of system.

Wood destroying organisms, insects, mold.

In the event that any of the above condition exists, a recommendation will be made to have a qualified contractor evaluate and remedy the situation. I am not a mold expert or exterminator.

Radon Testing available upon request.

Radon testing (48 hours required for test sensor to be in place).

Inspection costs

Up too 2000 square feet

This square feet must include all levels

and attached garage, finished or

unfinished basements


3000 square feet

This square feet must include all levels

and attached garage, finished or

unfinished basements


Each additional 1000 square feet


Radon testing


Hours 7 days a week

from 7am to 6pm

Please call with any questions


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